Doing Your Work – Taking the First Steps

For many years I have relied on word of mouth to share my work in the community, and a friend sharing a positive healing experience with another friend is one of the best ways to introduce someone to taking the step of going on their own emotional healing journey. Though people know me as Geoff, Breathwork Therapist and Life Coach, and know the work I do through their sessions, there has always been a structured program underlying our work that has only been described on my website, and not really in full detail.

So in the near future I will be publishing my book, Doing Your Work – The Pathway of the Whole Person, and that will guide you through all the dimensions of healing work that I offer as well as being linked into an online emotional learning center. For now though, I want to being sharing introductory information about Doing Your Work and offer people another way to get to know my work through online publishing and social networking. And the best way to do that is to answer the most common questions I am asked, either by new clients or through my website.

The most common question is, what is Doing Your Work – or emotional healing work -and where do I begin?

The majority of people begin doing their emotional healing work for two reasons: one, they are challenged by the triggered emotions – primarily anger and/or depression – that make their life and their relationship(s) difficult, and two, there is something deeply incomplete in their own individual life that they feel stuck in moving forward with.

The core goal of emotional healing, which I learned deep inside my Integrative Breathwork training in 1990, is that emotions need to move. The source of all emotional  imbalance and wounding is suppressed, repressed, judged or stuck emotions which are held inside of our fear of confrontation. When our real emotional experience can’t move, express and speak, we go into our triggered emotions as a way to either confront and try to say what we are really feeling with anger, or we avoid confrontation through an isolating and implosive pathway that leads to depression.

As emotional strategies, they are rarely successful in communicating what is really happening inside of us. The explosive/angry or implosive/depressed movement that comes with triggered emotions is very challenging to respond to and relate to in ourselves and in our relationships. And when our real emotions that define our authentic, whole self are blocked within us, it is very difficult to move forward in creating the life we need to create to be successful.

My work is based on holding a deep and empathetic space for clients in which they can begin to identify where and when in their life their emotions got wounded or stuck. Through a rich set of tools and exercises such as breathing journeys, Reparenting, boundary mastery and emotional meditation, we begin to create the healing movement of becoming conscious of our real emotions, and the self-expression of our needs which grows a greater self-love and self-confidence.

As we learn to decompress our triggered emotions into a new and healthy language of fairness, safety and empathy, we open up an entirely new world of emotional growth and learning that creates successful confrontations that lead to love and greater intimacy.

Everyone’s needs and processes are different, yet all of my clients share the experience of learning the skills of opening, moving and communicating their emotions and needs successfully, and in doing so begin to live the pathway of becoming a whole person.

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