The Doing Your Work Blog Begins – 2/14/08

Welcome to the Doing Your Work weblog. I am an Integrative Breathwork Facilitator and Life Skills Coach with 21 years of experience, and will be writing here about the complex, challenging and beautiful process of emotional and spiritual healing.

Why the name Doing Your Work? Because when one begins to confront a life that isn’t working as well as it needs to, when you undertake the journey into reactive emotions and stuck patterns, when learning to respond to your own experience at a whole new level becomes a deep necessity — it is a challenge. It takes work to get to the core of where our wounded self is waiting inside for us to find them, respond to them and nurture them.

So many people wish that there was a quick and easy one-shot thing they could do to be a whole and happy person. And the truth is that real emotional and spiritual healing is a lifelong path, an acceptance of a commitment to being conscious and always willing to work on things that come up in our lives.

Real emotional and spiritual healing work in our time means challenging the deeply rooted patterns of sacrifice and compromise that formed the model of love for previous generations, but now no longer serve us.

Real emotional and spiritual healing work means getting very uncomfortable at first in challenging denial and c0-dependency in our relationships, our families, our professions and our world.

Real emotional and spiritual healing work means having the courage to change, and in changing bring up repressed emotions in ourselves and others, and risk what we are all trained to avoid: grief.

Real emotional and spiritual healing work means reconstructing our internal and external boundaries, so that we honor ourselves and our needs while lovingly challenging the people in our lives to create healthy boundaries for themselves.

Ultimately, the real goal of all this healing work means creating a heart path through which your Light comes forward and brings loving change into your world.

The work in Doing Your Work is to confront. Confront ourselves, each other, the past, the present, and all the patterns that hold us back from being free, whole people.

And I will give you the most direct truth I can about the emotional imbalances that most people experience in their lives: they originate in the grief of having to confront our parents and our family systems.

There is a lot of ground to cover once you really start to Do Your Work. For many of us who seek a truly transformed experience of love, intimacy and creative expression it means building a whole new model of what relationship and family is really all about.

The good news is that the compassion, acceptance, freedom from dependency and transformation of grief that comes from Doing Your Work is an amazing place in which to arrive.

So join me in the journey of Doing Your Work, the ongoing process of lovingly confronting what must change and how to do it successfully.

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